How to Add a New Skincare Product to Your Routine


If you find that your skin doesn’t like change, have sensitive or blemish prone skin—you’re not alone!  It’s more common than you think. Here are some tips on how to add a new skincare product and minimize potential irritation or at lest narrow down which product might be causing irritation.

First, start with one product at a time. That way if you end up reacting to it, you’ll know what it was (or at lest have a good idea what it could be). If you’re adding an entire new routine, maybe because you're new to skincare and are embarking on the adventure of creating a skincare routine for the first time, here is one way to do it!


 Steps to Incorporate a New Skincare Product 

Step 1 (day 3-5):
     Start slow:  This means Step 1 lasts for about the first 3-5 days of your new routine or product (Pssttt listen to your skin)
    • Add the cleanser in AM & PM
    • Add Moisturizer in PM (if you're adding a new moisturizer to your current routine, add it to whatever routine you’ve already been using).
    • Take a before photo in natural light without makeup and before applying your skincare. This way you'll be able to compare later on if you're happy with the results you're seeing. 


      • Step 2 (Day 6-10):
        • Add Moisturizer AM & PM
        • Add your Serum in PM: About a dime to quarter size amount
        • This stage lasts about 5 days


      • Step 3: (Day 11-15)
        • If your skin has adjusted without any issues by day 10.
        • Use Cleanser, Moisturizer and Serum in AM & PM
        • Don’t forget to use your favourite SPF to protect your skin and the results you’ll get from your skincare routine!


      • Step 4:
        • Stick to it to see results! Your skin is renewing itself and that doesn’t happen overnight. Give it at lest 6-8 weeks to see some real improvements. 
        • Take another photo in natural light without make-up and before skincare around the 6-8 week mark to compare to your first photo. 


      ***If you’re reacting poorly to a product, such as developing a rash, stop using the product right away and seek medical advice from your doctor!


      Now onto product recommendations:




      Graydon Aloe Milk Cleanser: Gentle, Creamy and does the job well! Formulated with Niacinaminde, Black Tea and Aloe.


      Ètymologie Active Clay Cleanser: Gentle and luxurious while exfoliating congested normal-oily skin with natural AHA, Papaya Enzyme, caviar lime.


      Graydon Face Foam: If you’re looking for a foamy cleanser – this one won’t let you down with Azelaic Acid, Blue-Green Algae and Willow Bark.




      Natrèceutique Calm in the Evening is a concentrated, silky, fragrance-free cream that has antioxidant properties to helps combat pollution and repair your skin.


      The Satya Stick is made for all skin types, even sensitive or eczema prone skin. It is nourishing and calming with Celendula Flower Extract and Colloidal Oatmeal and can be used AM and PM for normal-dry skin or as a night balm/cream for all skin types.


      Graydon Sensitive Skin Stuff – light and minimal with Ceremide NP, Maple Sap Water, and Rosehip to keep skin calm and hydrated. Great for normal-oily skin.


      Sade Baron Body Cream in Cloud: We know we know; it says body cream but sometimes rules need to be broken and this stuff is fantastic! It’s hydrating, fragrance-free, and made with all the right stuff to keep all skin types feeling hydrated and glowing from head to toe with Hemp Seed, Oatmeal Extract and Olive Squalane.



      This is the part where you need to decide what your main skin concern is like hyperpigmentation, fine lines, texture, hydration or blemishes. Maybe you just want an all-round good multitasking, antioxidant rich one to keep skin bright and healthy. What you decide, determines what serum you’ll want to choose or maybe you’ll want to pick two as you build your routine — one for the AM and one for PM.

       Some skin concerns and product recommendations (all of them can be used both AM and PM):

      • Hyperpigmentation - Ètymologie Probiotic Vitamin C Serum: The serum mentioned below is a great day time serum for anyone looking for antioxidant rich serum and brighter, more even skin tone. It can also be used AM and PM. 
      • Hydration Multitasker Serum - East 29th Vital Serummentioned below is for all skin types looking for a dose of hydration, improving skin texture and clarity. I really like to apply this one first and then add the Bakuchiol Serum (the next serum mentioned) on top. I know, I'm extra like that...
      • Acne Prone and Anti-Aging Serum - Ètymologie Bakuchiol Serum: to help improve fine lines or blemish prone skin with Bakuchiol and salicylic acid to clarify and rejuvenate the skin:
      • All-arounder Serum - Graydon Fullmoon Serumthat has an anti-pollution complex along with a ton of other benefits!


      Important Tangent: I can’t say this enough – don’t forget the SPF! It’s important to invest in your skincare and I understand serums are typically the most expensive product within a skincare routine BECAUSE they are specifically designed to improve a specific skin concern (as we mentioned above i.e pigmentation, fine lines etc..). But the amount of damage UV can have on your skin can essentially negate the efforts, time and money you’ve put towards your skin (not to mention trying to protect your skin from developing skin cancer). Don’t get us wrong, the sun is a wonderful thing, I heart it, but as the saying goes “moderation is key!” 

      If you’re looking for a transparent, 100% mineral sunscreen that isn’t greasy, is easy to apply and won’t leave you with a white, grey or purple cast. The Ava Isa SPF 35 is fantastic. I even used it on my wedding day, and it worked beautifully under makeup. I’m a fan, what can I say… :-) 

      Hope this helps! If you have product questions or are ready to create a routine but aren't sure where to start. E-mail us at:  and we'll do our best to help guide you on your skincare routine journey. 

      Much Love,

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