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Asgard Beauty | Self Love Set - Asgard Beauty

Asgard Beauty | Self Love Set

Asgard Beauty
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Breathe Deeply, Relax and Enjoy!


Unwind and take some time for yourself with this self-care set of MIFA & CO's special edition CARDAMOM NOIR CANDLE and GRAYDON INTIMACY BODY OIL. The Cardamom Noir Candle is made with 100% pure essential oils (Cardamom, Vetiver and Cedar wood), without a drop of synthetic fragrance, using premium non-GMO, soy wax from North American grown soy with a single natural cotton wick.

Pair this with Graydon Intimacy Oil | Body Moisturizer that is made using some of the best superfoods for your skin, smells delightful with a touch of Jasmine, Vanilla and fruit extracts that leaves your skin silky smooth and hydrated. This lightweight oil can me mixed with other lotions or used alone -- we especially like to use it right after a shower. Your skin will be glowing, feeling fresh and beautiful.

This set was created to encourage you to take some time for yourself and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul. 


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