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Micellar Water (240ml)

Micellar Water (240ml)

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A nourishing, dermatologist developed Micellar Water to completely remove even waterproof, or long-wear make-up without irritation.


This powerful make-up remover won't irritate even the most sensitive skin. Pair it with our Microfibre Make-up Removal Cloth for the best clean your skin has ever had.

How it works:  Micelles

The Riversol Micellar Water uses hyper-effective cleaning molecules called "micelles" to remove all make-up efficiently and more gently than traditional make-up removers.

These dual-ended micelle molecules are attracted to water on one end (the hydrophilic "head"), while the other end is attracted to the grease, oils, and make-up on the skin (the surfactant "tail"). This molecular arrangement is the key to micellar water's impressive make-up removing power, and its ability to be non-irritating on even the most sensitive skin.




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