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Microfibre Make-up Removal Facecloth - Asgard Beauty

Microfibre Make-up Removal Facecloth

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This ultra-soft microfibre cloth was developed to remove all make-up easily using your favourite gentle cleanser or even, just warm water!

This cloth is completely reusable, machine washable for 1,000 washes and dryer friendly


How It Works

This super soft, microfibre facecloth removes make-up without the use of harsh make-up removers.

The ultra-fine, polyester fibres create a mechanical process that gently breaks the surface tension of the oils which bond make-up to the skin. This means no drying chemical make-up remover, no oily cleaners, and no throw-away cotton pads.

The short fibre side works first to remove make-up, while the long fibre side is perfect for removing any final residue and gently exfoliating.

Who It Was Designed For

Recommended for all skin types.



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