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Pure Untinted SPF 45 (80ml) - Asgard Beauty

Pure Untinted SPF 45 (80ml)

Ava Isa
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Our most light-weight, ultra matte sunscreen to date—with Ecocert certified organic 15% Zinc Oxide as its active ingredient and our patent pending Bio UVA Ultra in its untinted form.

This extremely dry touch finish, feels instantly weightless when applied to the skin. It provides exceptional UVA and UVB protection with zinc oxide as its only active ingredient. Our patent pending innovation Bio UVA Ultra use an Ecocert certified organic material to increase the UVA protection by up to 60% in addition to improving the SPF.  This results in one of the most protective all mineral sunscreens commercially available, including other formulas that contain concentrations of 25% zinc oxide or less.  Due to the high particle concentration, in combination with its matte texture, Ava Isa might have an initial sensory feel on the skin.  This will completely dissipate after rubbing it in, becoming a smooth and transparent and ultimately incredibly protective sunscreen.

This formula is a true SPF 45, meaning we do not use anti-inflammatories or anti-oxidants to artificially elevate the SPF during testing. The formula features a high concentration of certified organic and naturally derived ingredients.

Tips for best application: Due to the matte texture of this product, Ava Isa is best applied in small parts to the face and quickly rubbed in.  You can apply the product initially to the back of your hand and warm it up by spreading it slightly. You can then apply small amounts to the quadrants of your face while making sure to blend the edges (similar to applying colour correcting foundation or make-up).  Avoid eyebrows and your hair line.  This product can require some rubbing into the skin, however the results are a completely lightweight and invisible, while highly protective sunscreen.



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